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Your Number of the source of High-end LED products. Since our establishment, we are dedicated to providing you with top-class LEDs equipped with the latest technology and features. with the focus on innovations, technology and trends Leading world was founded in 2013 based in Shenzhen, city, Zhongshan city, and also an Office in Nansha of Guangzhou. we have come a long way from the beginning. Leading World Started out with a passion for innovation and expansion of LED applications to provide smart experiences.

we also focus on designing products to improve lifestyle and wellness in any setting. Our appliances will help you enjoy more of what life has to offer. we are a team of experts who are working to bring technology and innovation with exceptional values and reliability. So, with stylish, eco-friendly, and intuitive features we give you the power to do more and enjoy more.

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we challenge you that our wide range of LEDs can transfrom your living room into Home Theater. So step into technology and explore more by visiting Website or Visit our Office .