Die-casting magniseum

Die-casting magniseum

  P2.5/ P3 / P4 / P5 / P6/ P8 / P10

Ultra-light—lighter 40% than aluminum die-csting cabinet.

High precision—seamless splicing though CNC machining.

Super slim—high-strength,more slim than aluminum in the design,thiner around 30%.

Easy installation—installed by quick lock for 20s only.

Product Features

Magnesium alloy(960X960)

IP65 front Water proof

                  High protection grade of IP65 guarantees,Durability, Reliability, Anti-ultraviolet and Steady.

Dual channel heat dissipation

                  Low power consumption and fast heat dissipation/ energy saving and environment protection.

Super wide angle

                  Wide Viewing Angle can achieve to Vertical viewing 150 Horizontal viewing 120.