LED Flood Light

LED Flood Lights

Original design and development of lamps and lanterns, lamp body adopts high purity aluminum, the surface electrostatic pensu processing, The lamp body is delicate and beautiful, unique blade cooling technology, achieve rapid heat conduction, guarantee the service life of the lamps and lanterns. Lamps and lanterns Use the inside and outside the strong earthquake resistance structure design, effectively resolve the light falls off, light life expectancy caused by intense shaking, external factors such as stent fracture problem. Light source adopts high power Gao Liuming light source, high brightness, small calorific value, low light failure, longer service life. LED combination optical arrangement, mixing effect is better; Lens using high transparency acrylic material, cast light rate is above 98%, the light loss is lower and the lights to maintain high rates, concentrating effect is good. LED project- light lamp lamps and lanterns are good heat dissipation on the whole, effectively reduce the fault machine production rate of lamps and lanterns. Superior waterproof effect; Unique rotating retaining bolt, can rotate 180 degrees. 

Product Features